Navigation Controls

Navigation elements, such as menus, tabs, accordions, and pagination.


A W3C conform accordion written in ES6.


A plugin that provides custom tooltips that are beautiful, powerful, and extensible.


A lightweight library for smooth page scrolling.


A high-performance library for animated DOM manipulation, giving you the power to filter, sort, add and remove DOM elements dynamically.

Snazzy Info Window

A helper for creating highly customizable and dynamic Google Maps marker info popus.


Create dynamic tables - a vanilla JS version of the jQuery DataTables plugin.


A library to highlight navigation elements on one page layouts.

Vanilla vancy selector

A fancy and animated menu navigation element.


An Ajax driven plugin for creating fluid and smooth transitions between individual website pages.


An autocompleter plugin for selecting usernames by typing the @ symbol in input fields, textareas, or any element that supports contenteditable.


A library for creating fancy, SVG based, animated menus. The SVG library Raphaël is required.


A lightweigth, efficient, and customizable library for handling off-canvas menus/elements on modern web applications.


A table sorter using in-place QuickSort. Works in IE 9 and above.


A small and simple sorting component for tables. Requires IE 10 or above.


A pretty swipe list for mobile touch control and navigation.


An extensive collection of useful Vanilla JS tools and plugins.

Push Menu

Not an actual plugin, but a simple CodePen demo of a sidebar push menu that may come in handy.


A lightweight, vanilla JS plugin for responsive navigation. No fancy styling or animations by default.

Vanilla JS Responsive Menu

A simple and lightweight responsive menu plugin. Some options and no fancy styling or animations, but it works.


Tiny, invisible and simple, yet powerful and fast script that adds search, sort, filters and flexibility to plain HTML lists, tables, or anything.


A simple solution for an accordion menu using vanilla javascript and some CSS3 properties. The CodePen demo doesn't work in IE < 11 - yet, the plugin does.


A very simple accordion menu. By default, the plugin has no options, not even an element selector. Yet, it may be useful when creating an own accordion menu.


A fast and good looking scrollbar with touch support. Medium sized code base and major browsers support.

Tiny Scrollbar

A lightweight crossbrowser scrollbar plugin. Available as Vanilla JS and jQuery version.

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