Effects and Animations

Various animation types, text effects, fading, scrolling, positioning, and more.

Tobi Lightbox

An accessible, simple, and light-weight open source modal lightbox plugin.


Create 360 degree product image views that can be control by mouse and keyboard.

Tabs Slider

Easy to use tab menu with animated, draggable content slides.


An animation library that mimics CSS keyframes when scrolling.


A tiny plugin for creating customized, stackable modal windows and notifications.

dndod popup

Simple and easy library for creating modal window messages, alerts, and confirm dialogues.


A module that adds responsive, stylized speckles as background to any element.


An SVG odometer effect and text scrolling library.

Lightense Images

A cool image zoom library inspired by fat/zoom.js and tholman/intense-images.


A smooth 3D tilt library forked from Tilt.js (jQuery version).

Tiny slider

A sophisticated slider plugin with lots of options based on Owl Carousel. A bit on the heavy side.

Swipe 2

Swipe is a most accurate touch slider. It is extremely lightweight and works across all browsers, including IE7.


Rellax is a buttery smooth, super lightweight, vanilla javascript parallax scrolling library.


A W3C conform accordion written in ES6.


A tiny utility that gives you distance, position, and more data of your mouse pointer relative to one or multiple elements.


Smooth and versatile plugin for creating marquees - auto scrolling ticker texts.

Typewriter JS

A simple yet powerful native javascript plugin for a cool typewriter effect.


A high-performance library for animated DOM manipulation, giving you the power to filter, sort, add and remove DOM elements dynamically.


Create notifications in the browser window's title bar. Change the title bar content or make it blink if desired.


A simple and yet beautiful modal lightbox library for displaying photos.


WhitestormJS is a sophisticated framework for rendering animated worlds and objects in 3D.

Scroll Entrance

A lightweight plugin to reveal and animate elements as the are scrolled into view.


An Ajax driven plugin for creating fluid and smooth transitions between individual website pages.


A library for creating fancy, SVG based, animated menus. The SVG library Raphaël is required.

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