User Interface

Plugins about layout, design and visualization.


A sophisticated calendar and date/time picker library.


A light-weight and powerful GitHub Flavored Markdown editor.

A sophisticated select input field with lots of customization options.

Tobi Lightbox

An accessible, simple, and light-weight open source modal lightbox plugin.

Private Secure Sharing Buttons

Privacy-respecting, simple social sharing buttons for the most important networks.


Make selected elements, like menu or sidebar, sticky when scrolling down.


A minimalist masonry layout library for rendering a vertically oriented mosaic of images.


A lightweight, configurable sliding menu for your next PWA with promises.

Tabs Slider

Easy to use tab menu with animated, draggable content slides.


An animation library that mimics CSS keyframes when scrolling.


A tiny plugin for creating sliding drawers for navigation menus and options.


A tiny plugin for creating customized, stackable modal windows and notifications.


A styled alert and confirm dialogue replacement.

EasyDropDown 4

An elegantly styled, highly customizable dropdown select form widget. With 37 KB, the library has a rather large file size given its functionality.

dndod popup

Simple and easy library for creating modal window messages, alerts, and confirm dialogues.


A module that adds responsive, stylized speckles as background to any element.


A library for creating Kanban boards allowing drag 'n' drop of list items.

Notus - Web Notifications Widget

A non-blocking pop-up notification library for web pages.


A touch slideout navigation menu for mobile web apps.

Accessible Tabs Panel System

Transform a simple list of anchors into ARIA accessible tab panel systems.


An SVG odometer effect and text scrolling library.


Create a Pinterest type grid with this lightweight plugin.


A fantastic vanilla JS version of jQuery's UI Selectable plugin.

Lightense Images

A cool image zoom library inspired by fat/zoom.js and tholman/intense-images.

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