JavaScript Plugins Repository

Vanilla JS tools for writing powerful web applications without jQuery.


A powerful code syntax highlighter with very beautiful styles and manifold options. However, rather large in size. Used by Apache, Mozilla, Yahoo and others.


Prism is a lightweight, extensible syntax highlighter, working in all modern browsers (IE 9+). It’s a spin-off from Dabblet and is used in production there.


Syntax highlighting auto-detecting 118 languages, multi-language code highlighting. A bit on the large side for a code highlighter.


A lightweight vanilla JavaScript plugin for creating fluid galleries as seen on Flickr and Google Images.


An extremely lightweight and powerful completion suggester with lots of customization options. Used on Pixabay and plainJS.

Valum's File Uploader

Multiple files upload, progress-bar in modern browsers, falls back to hidden-iframe-based upload in older IE. Not maintained any longer, but still good.

Code Prettify

Reliable syntax highlighter by Google - used on Stack Overflow.

Simple Ajax Uploader

A plugin for cross-browser Ajax file uploading. Supports drag and drop, CORS, and multiple file uploading with progress bars. Works in IE7-9.


A multi-runtime file uploader that works with HTML/ajax, Flash and Silverlight. Feature rich, but having an extremely large code base.


A feature rich and beautiful WYSIWYG text/html editor.

Google Maps

The official API/Plugin for loading and configuring Google Maps within any application.


A feature rich and powerful image editor, offering effects, stickers, fun effects, and default painting options.

JavaScript Micro-Templating

A simple JavaScript template engine for rendering HTML contents with placeholders. Technically, it's not a plugin, but useful nonetheless.

FileDrop.js 2

Feature rich cross-browser HTML5 AJAX file uploader. Drag & drop support and iframe fallback for older browsers.

Highslide JS

Highslide JS is a modal window image, media and gallery viewer. The plugin is not actively developed any more (since 2012), but may still be useful.

Modal Plugin

A flexible and lightweight modal box based on CSS, thus responsive and animated. In fast more a tutorial than an official plugin, yet quite handy.


Display form labels in an unobtrusive and elegant way.

Vanilla Modal

A flexible, CSS-powered modal window for images, videos and HTML. Lots of options and actively developed.


Ultra lightweight, customizable, simple autocomplete widget - perfect for inline data lists.


A charting library offering an easy way of adding interactive and sophisticated charts to your application. Line charts, pies, scatters and lots more.


Simple, clean and engaging charts for designers and developers. Multiple chart types, flexible customization, beautifully animated.


A sophisticated HTML WYSIWYG editor control with manifold customization options, skins, and plugins.

Rainbow Syntax Highlighter

Rainbow is a very lightweight and powerful source code syntax highlighting library supporting 19 languages by default. It's used here on plainJS.

baguetteBox.js Lightbox

A beautiful and responsive lightbox for image galleries.

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