JSONP Ajax requests

JSONP allows asynchronous loading of data, even from servers in a different domain.

JSONP is used for requesting data asynchronously from a server in a different domain:

// define a callback function, which accepts the returned JSON data as its only argument
function response(data) {
// JSON data in form of a JavaScript object

// create a script tag with the external request URL
// include "response" as value of the GET param "callback" in the URL
var script = document.createElement('script');
script.src = 'https://foo.bar/api/?callback=response';

The function "response" gets called as soon as the data is successfully retrieved. It accepts as its first and only argument the parsed JSON data returned form the server.

In general it's recommended to use cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) for such requests instead (IE8+). Yet, JSONP is simple to implement and it's cross-browser safe.